We are the Na'fent... team that a few years ago, while we were going up to Foaro d'Aigualluts (Benasque), we thought of creating our Brand to be able to offer a comfortable type of clothing and technical material. Our interest was growing, until we specialized in what kind of textile material goes well according to use.

If you start running, if you practice popular hiking, if you like to ride a road bike or mountain bike, if you want to do Canicross with your furry hairy, if you practice riding, if you ride a motorbike for daily use, circuit or mountain bike, or if you want to wear everyday clothing with comfortable, warm or cool material (depending on the season) and current; with our Young, authentic brand, you can be equipped with a material that we use and test before you post it in our Na'fent... online store.

We take sport as a way to share unique moments with family and Friends. It is not necessary to take it as a competition, but as a heathly momento for our body. Get out of our daily obligations and live unique experiences with our own. With the possibility of meeting people who also leave home with the same purpose, ENJOY.

One way to get to know different localities near or far from our comfort zone (housing), is to sign up and participate in popular events from different point of the geography and live the experience of knowing news natural places for us, such as rivers, lakes, roads, tres, monuments, gastronomy... Don't worry about times or goals, but rather, savour the momento, share laughter, sweat the shirt and finish the tour.

If your body asks you to compete, you've been told to compete! In almost all popular matches there is competition, where you can beat your record year after year.

One of our favorite sports is related to motorsport world. On daily journeys, on the road, off-road courses, enduro. We're track commissioners on three circuits of Spain. In Catalonia (Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya), Aragon (Motorland Circuit) and Valencia (Ricardo Tormo Circuit). We participate in motorcycles and cars. Na'fent... offers both helmets and safe clothing items to enjoy your bike in all areas that you can access whit it. You can enjoy the daily trips in a safe, warm and waterproff way, with the most cutting-edge accessories to fit you bike.

We practice all year round diving along the Catalan coast. We have this section of sport under construction and soon we will show it in our online store Na'fent...

Next, we leave you with a gallery of photographs of our experiences, including paragliding and parachuting. Sport we love!!

In life and sport, Na'fent...


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